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What The Industry And Our Clients Say
We pride ourselves in all we do. Our motto is "One Standard: Excellence!" However, we cannot measure what we do by our own standards, we must measure it by industry standards and even more importantly, our clients' standards.

Here is what the industry has to say about our private label ISP or branded ISP program:

If you are a hosting company or a hosting reseller (and even if you aren't), you may be interested in the Alliance ISP Solution product review written by Keith Duncan, Publisher/Editor of Ping! Zine (Web Hosting Magazine) and an experienced private label ISP. Simply click on his magazine cover to the right. Or click here to download a PDF version. You can visit their website at www.PingZine.com.

As word of our unique and innovative private label ISP / branded ISP software/program has traveled through the industry, we were recently contacted by ISP Planet for an interview. You can read it by clicking here.

Here is what our clients say:

“I’ve been a [facilities-based] Internet service provider for several years. I started the business with the dream that it would grow to become an ISP with several thousand subscribers and be nothing short of world class. I didn’t fully realize back then what an enormous amount of resources it would take to accomplish that. I knew something different must be done if the dream were to become reality. At that point I started doing a lot of research on the private label ISP or branded ISP business. After looking at fifty or more branded ISP providers, I found Alliance Solutions through one of the search engines. I knew almost immediately I had found the right provider to partner with. They not only have a world class service but they are world class people. They’re literally there at all times to give you support when you need it. They will go the extra mile to help you succeed. I know I’ve found the right combination with Alliance Solutions to accomplish the dream I’ve always had for my business. Whether you’re an ISP struggling to grow as I was or someone looking to provide Internet services for your first time I recommend a partnership with Alliance Solutions. You simply can’t make a better choice for a private label ISP or branded ISP provider.”

Randy Davis President
AmeriWave Internet Services

“I researched this [private label ISP or branded ISP] business for over 2 years before partnering with Alliance Solutions. In that 2 years I reviewed many other companies that claim to offer private label ISP programs. All but one fell short of their promises. Alliance Solutions was the only company that offered ALL of the basic elements I was looking for… I wasted a lot of time talking with other companies that promise all of these things, but could not deliver. I wish I had found Alliance Solutions sooner! Alliance Solutions has set the standard that other private label ISP providers can’t come close to. Alliance Solutions has exceeded all of my expectations… The support I receive from the management staff is unparalleled… My advice to anyone interested in becoming a branded ISP is, ‘Don’t waste time on the other guys!’” 

Robin Moon, President
US Nationwide

"When is a testimonial a great testimonial? It is so when it is motivated by genuine appreciation for excellence in service received.

When I was in the military folks were often given awards, not for doing a good job, but for going above and beyond the call of duty. That is the kind of service and support I have received from Alliance Solutions. It isn't that they do a good job, or that they provide a good service, or even that they provide good client support. It is because in each of these areas they go far beyond the "call of duty" and and excel at doing the best job, providing the best service, and providing the best support possible.

When I think of how they have treated me, words like patient, forbearing, understanding, supportive, encouraging, and committed come to mind. I have been trying to put together a private label Christian ISP for years. Alliance Solutions made it happen.

God bless you all your staff."

Rev. Rick Stoneking
Crossway Christian ISP and Christian Resource Center

“If you are looking for a private label ISP solution , let me save you some valuable research time. Alliance Solutions is the gold standard by which all others [are] judged. At every turn they have provided support and expertise that have exceeded my expectations and enabled my company to realistically compete with the “big boys” in the ISP arena. I had absolutely no margin for error in my selection of a private label ISP provider and I have never second guessed my decision to partner with Alliance. I had a tight budget and an even tighter schedule, yet Alliance worked with me relentlessly to bring my vision to fruition. Simply stated, go with Alliance Solutions - you’ll be glad you did or wish you had!”
(Full Version)

Brett Adkins, President
The Unison Network

"We used to be a local Internet Provider in a 5 county area here in Florida. We started looking into becoming a national presence so that our customers could receive access when they left the state. We originally signed up with a provider who promoted national numbers and low user pricing. The price was right but the service left much to be desired. We started looking again and found Alliance Solutions.

I have nothing put praise for the individuals at Alliance. They have bent over backwards to help us move from our first provider to their solution in March of 2003. Together we worked out all the kinks and were able to get everyone transferred over with little problem. They suggested that we send an email to all our customers with an 800 number for tech support so they could help assist our customers in the transfer. The migration went very well.

Alliance Solutions communicates with us in advance about upcoming changes, new products, new promotions, and asks for our input in features that may need to be added. Alliance is on top of programming that competes with the bigger boys and offers us and our customer top-notch service and support. I would have to say that most of, if not all of the marketing tools and programs available to us as a private label ISP are easy to implement.

With a knowledgeable tech support team and a dynamic front office team I see our customers being just as happy as anyone on a big boy competitor. I have nothing but praise for Alliance Solutions and their ability to provide our customers with the type of service they are accustomed to and deserve."

Victor Dacey
Your Personal ISP 4 You
Timber Pines Internet Services

"Throughout the process of setting up our private label ISP and as our business has begun to grown, the folks at Alliance Solutions have been fantastic. The portal program they offer is extremely user friendly and has enabled us to completely redo and improve our website, as well as offer high quality internet access to our new and existing customers under our own brand. The Alliance staff is incredibly helpful and immediately work to solve glitches as they arise and answer any questions or concerns we may have. We are quite happy with the product and service we have received, as are our customers."

Corina McKendry, Operations Director
Earth Tones Internet & Long Distance Services

"Working with Alliance has been a dream! I worked at an ISP before starting my own and dealt with the nightmares of dealing with other aggregators. Alliance Solutions' turn key private label ISP success system is the most complete package I have ever dealt with. The small amount extra they charge is well worth it considering the headaches they have spared me. I give them two thumbs up, way up!"

Wally Meczywor
Full Moon Internet Services

"Leverage our assets. Realize your vision. Nothing more needs to be said, except that it’s true with Alliance Solutions.

Our vision was to be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) / Business Solution Partner (BSP) providing “value” for our subscribers. – The solution, a private label ISP.
To find the right private label ISP provider, we went through a formal Decision Analysis (DA), with over 50 private label ISP providers evaluated. Save yourself the time and expense and partner with Alliance Solutions.

It’s so easy; all you have to do is your marketing! Now that’s leveraging Alliance Solutions assets to realize your vision. I did, and I had no experience as an ISP!"
(Full Version)

La Margo Washington, CEO
BusinessFirst! ISP

"Alliance Solutions is the second private label ISP [provider] I have worked with and I can tell you without equivocation that they have by far provided superior service. My previous vendor provided 'acceptable' service. The word 'acceptable' is not in the Alliance Solutions vocabulary. Alliance’s philosophy is to deliver more than they promise and my experience has been that they do just that. I am extremely pleased with the service, professionalism, and individual attention they provide. If you are in the market to change your private label ISP provider or start your own private label ISP business, then you should look no further. Alliance Solutions, Inc. can’t be beat."

Allen Rhodes, President
NCBlue Internet Services

See a few of our clients featured in our Portfolio of Clients.


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