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About Alliance Solutions
Alliance Solutions, Inc., was founded at the turn of the century as a spin off from the Quantum Communications Group technology and marketing divisions. One reason for the change was to better focus on the development and marketing of these and other emerging technologies. So we are the same folks that have been specializing in telecommunications and Internet technologies since 1988.

Founded in 1988, Quantum Communications Group is a closely held, Minneapolis based, consulting firm specializing in the Internet and telecommunications industries. Clients have ranged from small companies to large such as Cellular One, MCI, AT&T and Western Wireless. Projects have ranged from single tasks like tower section, business planning, vendor selection, web hosting, domain registration and/or search engine positioning, to complete turnkey telecommunications and Internet services incubation. Quantum has incubated dozens of large and small businesses, in both the telecommunications and Internet industries. 

Prior to the spin off, Alliance was a "brand" under which Quantum Communication Group marketed private branded or labeled products to enterprising entrepreneurs and companies that wished to leverage our assets to realize their vision. Now instead of just a brand, we are a stand alone company, ready, able and willing to help you realize your vision.

Alliance's success comes from the fact that we partner with our clients rather than just providing a service. Our entire team of highly experienced professionals become your partners. So, whatever the task, Alliance is ready, willing and able. When it absolutely, positively has to be right the first time, you can count on Alliance. If you would like to learn more about us, we will gladly send you a Corporate Profile detailing our experience and the many unique services we offer.




Alliance Solutions, 238 Porterfield Gap Road, Seymour, TN 37865 Tel. (865) 862-8788

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